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Feedback, Compliments and Complaints

We welcome and encourage you to share your ideas and feedback (good and not so good) with us to help us continuously improve our services for you and the community. Please share with us what we do well, what we can do better, and what improvements you would like to see. All your information will be treated in confidence and considered in our evaluations and future planning sessions.

Complaint’s Policy Statement

We support an organisational culture that responds to complaints in a professional, objective, impartial and non-judgmental manner.

We recognise an individual’s right to raise a grievance or make a complaint about the conduct of the agency’s operations, services, programs, staff, volunteers, or health professionals associated with our organisation.

All formal complaints will be reviewed using our Management Feedback and Complaints Policy / Procedure within the stated timelines.

Our Rights and Responsibilities

We will:

  • Ensure written information on the organisation’s Complaints Policy and Complaint Resolution Procedure is readily available.
  • Provide ongoing customer service training for all staff
  • Treat the Complainant with respect and courtesy
  • Investigate all complaints objectively and in a timely and confidential  manner
  • Inform consumers they have the right to use an advocate and right to an external review of the complaint
  • Keep Complainant informed of the progress of the complaint
  • Advise Complainant in writing of the outcome following review of the complaint
  • All complaints will be delegated to senior staff to resolve and progress will be monitored and signed off when the investigation is finalised by the Chief Executive Officer.
Complainant Rights and Responsibilities

The Complainant has the right to use an advocate to speak on their behalf (but not to mediate).

The Complainant has the right to take their complaint to an external review organisation if they consider the complaint cannot be resolved to their satisfaction through the South Coastal Complaints Resolution Process.

The Complainant has a responsibility to provide accurate, factual information and/or documentation relating to the background of the complaint

The Complainant has a responsibility to communicate with all staff in a respectful and polite manner

How To Lodge a Complaint

To lodge a complaint complete the form below.

Alternatively you can put your complaint in writing and

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