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“I am passionate about counselling women and assisting in the areas of mental health such as: anxiety, stress, self esteem, self compassion, self confidence and mindfulness I am a huge advocate of self care and believe we need to look after  and nurture ourselves before we can look after others”.

“I believe happiness is a state of mind and continue to do research in this area, with the aim of growing and learning in order to continue to help my clients, hence, my clients and I embark on a  their personal journey together, with the goal of walking side by side with them to see them through their dark valley and be with as they reach   a place of empowerment, one small step at a time.”

Milena has a background of Carl Rogers’ Person Centred Theory, and applies an unconditional positive regard with clients with the aim of creating an atmosphere of warmth and neutrality in order for them to feel safe to disclose as they work towards attainable goals.

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